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Dear Dr. Watson

Another Amazing Tripawds Three Legged Dog Blog

Dear Dr. Watson

I had my two year ampuversary!

July 2nd, 2013 · No Comments · Uncategorized

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While Momma is away at some place called Oar-EE-Gone, my friend Uno and I are hanging out at his house. Right now Uncle Pete is busy napping so I thought I’d hijack his computer for a bit and tell you what I’ve been up to.

I got a new game for my ampuversary

I got a new game for my ampuversary

First I had another ampuversary!! Yup that’s right!!!!! On June 15th it was my two year ampuversary! I still can’t believe that a little over two years ago my brother and I were in a box just stuck on the side of the road. And you know what else my ampuversary means… it also means I got full custody of Momma two years ago too. Momma keeps telling people I’m going through my “terrible two’s” I don’t know what she’s talking about. Since I turned two things have been GREAT!!!!!!! I chase all of the squirrels (if Momma is not ready on the other side of the leash that’s not MY fault). I bark at anybody who drives up our road (What if they want my stuff???? Momma just doesn’t understand). But mostly I just protect the Momma and my stuff, even if that means waiting until Momma is in the shower then barking…..oh, how does she say it…. “Like the 108th Airborne Division is marching up the stairs”. I just want her to know I heard the wind blowing………outside……………somewhere………….
I love my toys

I love my toys

You remember how I was back at school with Aunt Becky – well, I passed my first six weeks and even got another certificate to hang in my office. As soon as Momma gets back from this place she went to; I start my school again. Aunt Becky says we’re going to practice my manners in the truck. I guess Momma doesn’t like it when I “puff up like a toad” and shout at the top of my lungs. “Hey, that squirrel looked at my truck” – It could have you know. Just sayin’
I love Aunt Becky and school too

I love Aunt Becky and school too

But, in case you’re afraid I’ve lost ALL of my manners… I haven’t. A few weeks ago I got to spend the day with my new friend Emily aka Gerbil (I don’t know why they call her Gerbil …… maybe for the same reason Momma sometimes calls me Buddy). Any-whoo; we were shooting a new PSA (Puppy Service Announcement) for SCCA about “training your canine friend”. And I was very careful to listen to everything Gerbil told me to do. And when we were done….. She let me kiss her!!! I love my job!!
Me and Gerbil

Me and Gerbil

I also had my pictures taken. My good friend Cindy who has Beautiful Beings Photography ( ) took Momma and me on a drive then took our pictures. They really came out good. So good in fact, that Momma is sending one to her Momma (but shhhhh don’t tell it’s a surprise).
Me and Momma

Me and Momma

Momma's right... I AM handsome

Momma’s right… I AM handsome

Momma may call it the ‘terrible twos’ but I think being two is pretty fantastic!!

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I am TWO!!! :)

May 1st, 2013 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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It's hard work being the greeter at work

It’s hard work being the greeter at work

Now that I am a big boy, Momma says it’s time for me to start having manners like a big boy. She says I have to learn how to share my toys, learn that not everyone I see while we’re driving is going to steal our truck; so I don’t need to act like they are, and I need to learn that I don’t have to “puff up like a toad” just because I think there might be another dog somewhere…. anywhere… but definitely somewhere (I’m really more of a people tripawd).

I want to have good manners (you get to give WAY more kisses when you behave yourself). But, sometimes I get a little nervous when Momma leaves me alone in our office or if I’m in a place where I don’t know anyone. So, Momma got me a shirt, not just any ole’ shirt though, she got me a Thundershirt. What’s a Thundershirt? It’s this great thing that wraps around me and gives me a hug. And when I get a hug I’m not near as scared when I’m left alone. It even has my name on it. That way, even if we haven’t met yet, people can call me by name (I like that …. It makes my whole body wiggle). I really like my Thundershirt (and Momma really likes that I don’t worry so much when I’m left alone).

Me and my Thundershirt

Me and my Thundershirt

Remember when I went to Puppy Kindergarten and Grade School? I learned a lot from Uncle Mark and Aunt Becky (they’re the great behavior folks at SCCA), but now Momma says I need Private School not regular High School. I like Private School. I get to spend a whole hour a week with the most amazing teacher in Flagstaff (although, she doesn’t let me get away with “just being cute” – I have to remember my manners). I’ve only gone for three weeks now – but already I have learned that when Momma calls my name if I stop and look her I get the most AH-MAZING treats. So this manners thing is getting easy…… look at Momma get treats! I think I’ll keep going. Plus, when I do really good my teacher lets me give her kisses (and you know how much I LOVE giving kisses)!!!! Oh, and by the way… I rocked it at Friday’s class – my teacher said!!
Me and the best teacher EVER... my Aunt Becky

Me and the best teacher EVER… my Aunt Becky

Did I tell you I’m two? Well I am. My friends and I even had a party (I was not a huge fan of the hat Momma put on my head, but it made her giggle so I did it). I got some great new toys too. One was a new Nylabone (you should ask Uncle Pete what happened to the Nylabone) and the other was a Wobbler. I love my Wobbler (Momma says the word obsessed is more like it ….. whatever that means). Momma puts some yummy treats into it and if I roll it around just right they fall out – JACKPOT!!!!
Me and my Wobbler ... I love my Wobbler!!

Me and my Wobbler … I love my Wobbler!!

But, I think the best gift I got for my birthday was a visit from my very best friend in the world Sam. She came all the way from California to see me!! Well, OK she came to see me and all of her other friends at Second Chance Center for Animals (but I know she likes me best). She is so amazing…. She wrote a whole speech about Second Chance and she talked about me too!! She presented her speech in front of all my human friends at work. She also presented it to several groups in California. She helps let people know that my friends need their help. She raises awareness, raises money and collects much needed food. So, she doesn’t just talk about what others should do to help…. She leads by example. My favorite part (other than when she talked about me) was when she said “how wonderful would it be with no more homeless pets”; there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I was practicing my manners the day she came or I would have jumped right in her lap and said thank you by giving her a thousand kisses (and that, Momma says, is why I need to practice my manners). Oh, and did I mention she’s nine years old?!?
Sam giving her speech

Sam giving her speech

Me, Momma and Sam

Me, Momma and Sam

All in all… it’s been a fantastic two years. The first four days were a little rough, but since then – it’s been all tennis balls and kisses!!
YUP.... I'm a lucky dog

YUP…. I’m a lucky dog


Happy 2013 to all my friends!!!

January 29th, 2013 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Well, it certainly has been a busy winter for this little (well not so “little” anymore) tri-pawd. There was a parade and Petcasso, photos with Santa and kissing booths, but, bestest of all – I was so good last year Santa Paws came again and brought me BarkBox!

About this Bark Box; I think the guy who tries to steal our stuff everyday (Momma calls him the mailman) is trying to get me to like him. A few weeks ago I was really letting him have it – when Momma brought a box in the house and said it was for me. What?? A gift for me? And HE brought it? Then Momma explained to me that it was BarkBox one of the gifts Santa Paws had brought me that wasn’t in my stocking. And that I would be getting a box once a month with all kinds of new treats in it. We opened the box and it was AH-MAZING……
Bark Box 1

There were treats, chewies and an octopus. I LOVE the octopus. It was my most favorite part of the box. In fact, I loved it so much I carried it around the whole house I even brought it to bed with me. Then, I made Momma bring it to work with us. See how much I love it look at my tail wagging).

Can you see how happy my tail is?

Can you see how happy my tail is?

The holidays sure are a busy time for Flagstaff’s favorite tri-pawd. I had another parade (although, Momma insists on calling it the ‘Parade of Lights’). I wasn’t as cold as last year. So, even more people came out to see me and my friends. Then there was painting to do. We had our Petcasso event again this year and I had to get busy… because, my paintings were such a hit last year they asked me to do three this year. I told my Momma I would do it as soon as I got in touch with my inner artist (She said something about a diva – What’s a diva?).

I found my inner artist.

I found my inner artist.

I was even on TV! The local NAU station came by to interview me about my paintings. I can send you the link if you want to see it.
tv 1
Then finally it was time…. My most favorite time of the holidays….. Photo’s with Santa Paws’ brother Santa Claus. This is my chance to tell Santa Claus to tell the big SP what a good boy I have been all year! This year he came to Petco and PetSmart with us. It’s so much fun and I get to have my kissing booth (which is always the most fun for me).

I just LOVE the Santa brothers!!

I just LOVE the Santa brothers!!

All in all 2012 was a good year. Over five hundred of my friends found their forever homes and over a thousand got spayed or neutered! That’s it for now … I gotta get back to work and help some more friends find their homes.

p.s. Momma said not to forget and tell you that you can follow me on Facebook. You can also find out more about Second Chance Center for Animals at


Life is GREAT!!

August 18th, 2012 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

First the most important news, I had my ampuversary!!!!!!!! That’s right, on June 15th Momma and I celebrated my first ampuversary. Who’d have thought that a year ago this little pup found in a box on the side of the road would have such a happy ending? With my ampuversary comes the anniversary of my forever home, a double reason to celebrate, Momma Donna said she “was only going to bring me home long enough to get over the surgery”…. Sure Momma… I knew I was home. It just took you a little longer.

So, it’s been a few months and boy have I been busy! After all the celebrating was over it was time to get back to work. I’ve been going to the (Second Chance Center for Animals in Flagstaff) offsite adoption events and setting up my ‘kissing booth’ where ever I can. We had our big event Pets in the Pines in June. Whoooo-hoooo what a great day it was. There were 13 different rescue groups there and 49 of my newest-bestest friends found their forever homes that day (20 of them from SCCA alone!). It was a great success and next year we are going to shoot for 60 adoptions!

Waiting for the next kiss

Last week I went to see my friends at Petco (Flagstaff) to help find new homes for some more of my SCCA friends. There wasn’t really room for my “official” kissing booth so I just walked through the store and gave them to anyone who paused long enough to ask for one. I love Petco – not only did all my friends who give me “Spa Days” come out to say “hello” – but there was this tower!!!


OK…. No – REALLY….. Can we talk about these amazing little spheres of colored, bouncy, chewy, fuzzy fun?! Momma calls them “tennis balls” (I don’t know what this ‘tennis’ thing is but I know what she means when she says “go get your ball”). They are just great. I have a whole bucket full of them – some new, some well played with and even some I have gotten most of the fuzz off. It’s a good thing I have so many too, because sometimes when Momma is busy on her computer I have to empty my bucket one by one until I find the right one she’ll play with.

Any of these Momma?

Then there was this one day, this nice man who worked at the local adult center, brought in a whole basket full!!! Lucky for me, I was helping my friend Rosa at the reception desk. I made sure to say ‘thank you VERY much by wiggling my whole body for him. But, I had to make sure they were good enough for all my friends – so, I took each one out of the basket for a test run. They passed…… So, with just a small “fight” I let Momma put them back in the basket and pass them out to my friends.

QC number 228

Can we get back to the TOWER? So, I told you we were at Petco (Flagstaff) and I was passing out kisses; I turned around one corner looking for a new friend when I saw this……. OMG….. OMG….. Can you see it? It’s an entire tower of these AH-MAZING things.

Momma – Can I keep it?

Momma says I have to stop ‘fixating’ for a moment (what ever that means – really can you ever have too many ‘tennis’ balls? I think not.). She thinks I should tell you about my friends Nick and Steph who came all the way across the country to meet me. Well, ok, they are traveling for a project called Shedding Hope ( where they visit and take pictures at a bunch of different shelters across the country then tell the world about each one. You should check them out. But, I know once we met they were REALLY glad they took that trip. It was so nice to meet my new friends. They took a bunch of pictures of all my friends. And even some of ME!! That inspired a photo shoot of Momma and me for the SCCA new website at . You should check us out on the “About Us” tab (Momma said I should put that in). Momma wanted me to sit in her lap for the picture (Does she not know I’m almost bigger than her??),

A-Kissing the Momma

But all I wanted to do is give her a BIG kiss, since I’m so good at them now.

Well, that’s it for now. But I have a ton of ‘kissing booths’ coming up so feel free to drop by and bring your friends. I LOVE meeting new friends!!!!

And tennis balls for everyone


I’m a big boy now!

May 3rd, 2012 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Just a few days old

I AM ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!! Not too bad for a little pup that was found in a box on the side of the road. Those first four days were a bit rough but the other three- hundred and sixty two (remember, this was a leap year) have been the best of my life!!!!! (Okay, they’ve been ALL of my life.)

Here I am now

So, do you remember when I told you about my friends from North Shore Animal League coming to visit me and my friends? In October it was called the “Get Your Licks on Route 66” tour ….. well, what I didn’t know is that in April they come back! Only this time it was called the “Tour for Life.” They brought their big bus again and loaded it up with my friends from Second Chance Center for Animals and off we went to Petco to see if we could find them forever homes.

I was such a hit the last time (sitting in my Pepsi cart giving kisses) that Aunt Jaci asked my Mom if I could go and have my own KISSING BOOTH!!! Can you believe it?! Well, when Mom told me about it I knew I would have to start practicing right away… so, everyone that came to my office I made sure to jump right up and give them a HUGE kiss (not really jump… I’m getting very good at keeping all three on the floor like Uncle Mark taught me.) I kissed everyone whether they were ready or not. Then Aunt Whitney brought Nicholas to visit (he’s one year old too) and I practiced giving gentle kisses. I really like Nicholas, even though I did get a little nervous when Aunt Whitney put him on the floor and…. well, he moved…. not just moved but went straight for my food bowl. I mean I WOULD share with him…… but he never said “please.”

Finally my big day was here. Mom brought me to my “ladies” at Petco to get all prettied up for the big event. My friends were so excited I was going to have a kissing booth. I not only got my bath, mani/pedi and bow, but, Christine also brushed my teeth (you just shouldn’t kiss strangers with kibble breath – just sayin’!). Then I was ready for my debut. I had a tent and a table and signs, even the “radio guy” talked about me (I don’t know what radio is but Mom says it’s a big deal). Before the crowed gathered Mom said we needed to practice (had she NOT been watching me at work????) and told me to stand “up” on the table.

I loved my kissing booth

Imagine her surprise when instead of just standing with my paw on the table, I jumped right up on the table. Yup that’s right, I just put my whole self on the table and then laid down – ready to receive my friends. Many people came to my booth – just to get a kiss from me!!! It was AMAZING!!!!!! I love making new friends.

I have to tell you though, all this kissing and blogging can really wipe a Tripawd out.

I'll just close my eyes for a moment


A Day at the Spa

February 23rd, 2012 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

So, let’s talk about this magical thing the moms keep calling a “Spa Day”. It was amazing. I wasn’t so sure at first because I heard the moms talking about a “B-A-T-H” (do they think I can’t spell? And you guys know how I feel about bathtime). Then they were on the phone and at first I thought they were talking about my brother “Yup, 11 months old, 60 (ish) pounds, German Shepherd / Great Dane mix” then I knew it was me “Dr. Watson G. Newton… or Watson for short” uh oh ….. They even asked what time they could “drop me off”. DROP ME OFF??????

Well, I still don’t know who they were talking to because the next thing I know we were at PetCo – Flagstaff (that’s where my kibble and extra treats come from). I love PetCo and everyone in there just loves me too – they give me cookies every time. Only, we didn’t go straight back to the kibble aisle this time (Yes, I know right where they keep my bag of kibble) instead we went in the little glass room. There was a very nice lady behind the counter who just wanted to talk to my moms about ME!!

After that, Kayla took me behind the door and ALL my friends were there. Christine gave me a bath

(although, I’m still not sure about this whole getting wet and sudsy thing) and Kayla gave me a nail trim

as you can see, giving a Tripawd a mani/pedi poses some challenges of its own. Then after I was dry, they put some smelly stuff on me – the Moms call it perfume – I like it “Ok” but my brother Tucker keeps sniffing me and saying I don’t “smell like me” I think he’s just jealous that he doesn’t get “Spa Day”. I even got a bow (I think the Mom’s were almost excited as I was about this). When Momma Donna came to pick me up she was so excited… all she could say was how handsome I looked and smelled!! After I said good bye to all my friends I made sure to tell EVERYONE in the store that I had a “Spa Day” and it was GREAT!!! Many people stopped to tell me how soft my fur was and how very handsome I was. I kept announcing it even when Mom took me out to the truck. I was so proud! Even now, I tell my friends at work (Alburn, Bosco and the others that once they find their forever homes they should SO sign up for “Spa Day” at PetCo (Flagstaff) I also tell the two-legged that they should treat their furry ones to “Spa Day” !!

Thanks to Kayla, Christine, Linda and my other friends at PetCo (Flagstaff) for changing my mind about bath time ……. This time I’m pressing the “like” button.


Watson’s 2011 Year In Review

December 28th, 2011 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

WOW – what an amazing 2011 it has been! First I would like to say thank you to all of my friends here and on Facebook: all of your emails, comments and “likes” just mean the world to me. I keep seeing these TV shows and magazine articles about The Best of 2011 and I thought – I could do that! So, here it is (Mom says insert drum roll here …. whatever that means): Dr. Watson G. Newton’s Year in Review:

I was born!!!!!! On March 1st, my brother Sherlock and I came into the world in a town on the Navajo Reservation. By the 4th we were safely at Second Chance Center for Animals where I would meet my new moms (even though they didn’t know they were my moms yet).

June 15th – with the help of Dr. Holcomb and her staff, I became the newest member of the Tripawd Club. And I had my first night at home with Momma Donna (although she didn’t know it was my home yet).

July 1st – Momma Donna made me an “official” member of the family (she knew this one). Momma Kristen and I wondered what took her so long – but Momma Donna can be slow like that. (Don’t tell her I said that!)

July to October– I Graduated Puppy Kindergarten AND Grade School Basics. Uncle Mark and Aunt Becky (they’re the Behavior folks at SCCA) say I need to practice a little more, but I should be ready for High School pretty soon.

• It was during these months that met all kinds of new friends. Pat and the crew at Bookman’s, Jenny at Wildflower Bread Company, Dan from the North Shore Animal League and many many more. The moms have taken me all kinds of new places and everyone I meet just loves me. Everyone gives me treats, too!

October – December – these were very busy months for me…. I got to show off my “artsy” side by painting not one but two pieces for the “Petcasso Art Show” that SCCA put on. Twenty seven friends from the shelter (and me) were chosen to submit our art. Thanks to Aunt Helen and Megan for their help – the show was a great success and they say we’re going to do it again next year. Stay tuned for details!!

I had a parade! (Moms say it was really the Flagstaff Annual “Parade of Lights,” but I think everyone just came out in the cold to see me march with the other Second Chance alumni.) We marched through downtown and everyone who saw me cheered and I even got a few exclamations of “Look at him go!!! Keep going boy!” I liked having a parade – in fact, I liked it so much I think we should have another one in July!


Moms kept talking about this Santa Paws guy and I wasn’t sure what they were talking about. I knew he had to be special though because Moms brought a tree inside and then put all sorts of sparkly lights and dangly things on it. Then all these funny looking boxes were underneath it. (By the way….. I was VERY good and didn’t touch any of it.) We even had our picture taken with his brother Santa Claus. Tucker and I got new hats for the pictures. I loved mine but Tucker wasn’t so sure about his. Moms put up some socks, and can you believe?? the next morning mine was FULL of yummy treats and toys! I like this Santa Paws guy …. Moms say if I am good and practice my manners he will come again next year. I can’t wait!

What an amazing year it has been! I’ve gone from less than a pound to over 58.8 pounds, and I don’t fit in anyone’s pocket anymore. But 2011 wasn’t all about me (shocking, I know); thanks to you and a bunch of other wonderful folks: 617 of my friends found their forever homes, over 5,700 got their vaccinations and 2,140 were spayed or neutered. Can you believe it!!! What a great year!

2011 was such an adventure I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings! I hope that 2012 bring you and your family (two, four and three legged ones alike) a happy and healthy New Year!


Puppies go “back to school” too!

October 1st, 2011 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Anyone want a kiss for $1? Free soda with every kiss!


I know it’s been a while since I’ve written to you … Wait till I tell you everything I’ve been up to!

I finally got to meet my “dog sitter” and guess who it is? Dr. Holcomb – remember her? She’s the nice lady who took care of me when my leg was sick. Anyway, I went and stayed at her house with my newest best friends Kennedy and Leo. Kennedy is a little girl who just thought I was the best thing since peanut butter Frosty Paws!! We played and played. Leo is Dr. Holcomb’s dog … he just thought I was “ok”. We all had a blast and I made sure to do like the moms said: use my manners and not “go” in the house. I was a very good boy, Kennedy said.


We had some special visitors in September. The North Shore Animal League came by with their “Adoption Bus” as part of the “Get Your Licks on Route 66” tour. And I got to help!! That’s right – Megan (an intern at Second Chance) needed help selling sodas to raise money and I was just the right Tripawd for the job. I was very good at it too. I remembered to say “Hello” to everyone who walked by and made sure they knew we were there. Sometimes, if they bought a kiss for a dollar I would throw in a soda for free. It was a blast ….in this one day eight of my friends found their forever homes! HUGE thanks to Dan and Jenn who drive the bus. They were a lot of fun.


Remember when I told you about Puppy Kindergarten and how good I was doing? Well, I did so good they let me graduate to Grade School Basics. Today was First Grade and I was GREAT!! I got to play with Maggie Mae (we’ve known each other since kindergarten) and we invited our new friends Gus, Sue and Little Dude to join in. My friend Becky from work is our teacher and she’s FANTASTIC!!! We practiced sitting, playing, our names and some playing. I was the best at playing… Becky even said so! She was teaching everyone how to “shake hands” with people – but when I tried I would just fall down. So, Momma Donna is going to teach me to “bow” instead. Next week is Second Grade – Momma Donna says I’m gonna learn lay, spin and to sit for longer! All that sounds just fine but, really I just want the treats and play with the other dogs. Recess is my favorite subject!

Can I ask you a question? Momma Donna says that “winter is coming” (I have no idea what she’s talking about but it must be serious cause she brought out all of these poofy clothes) and that we’ll need to think about me and ice (I like ice she puts it in my water bowl). Does anyone have any ideas that the Moms can use so I don’t slip on the ice? If you do, can you email them to me at


New Friends and a Bath … hmmm Must be Sunday

August 29th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Not a big bath fan

I love my friends at Bookman's

First order of business: I want to welcome Aemon as the newest member of the Tripawd Club. Aemon is a 9-week-old little guy who came to Second Chance Center for Animals from Window Rock, AZ, through our Navajo Nation Puppy Program. What’s the Navajo Nation Puppy Program? It’s where SCCA goes to Window Rock (sometimes once a month, sometimes every other month) and brings back some of the puppies to free up space for them to rescue more. Did you read the article in the Arizona Daily Sun where they said there were over 400,000 dogs running loose on the Navajo Nation? So that means they can really use SCCA’s help. I think it’s pretty cool that we can help, don’t you? Anyway, so, Aemon came in a few weeks ago and he had a pretty badly broken leg. Dr. Holcomb (she’s the nice lady who helped me with my leg) put a plate and several screws into it to try and fix it. But, like me, his leg didn’t cooperate either, so it came off last week. I can’t wait until he heals well enough for us to hang out. He’ll be put up for adoption as soon as he feels better. I bet he’s going to find a fantastic forever home!!

Well, by now you know that Sunday means I get to go see my friends around town. There’s Jenny at Wildflower, she’s the best. She always brings me water and stops by to love on me while the Moms eat my frittata.

Then it’s on to Bookman’s. I LOVE Bookman’s. I walk in the door and everyone at the counter stops and says “It’s Watson!!” We spend a few minutes catching up on the week and getting treats before I go with the Moms to help them pick out a new book. Momma Donna is a HUGE fan of the mystery-type books while Momma Kristen just likes anything with a strong handsome leading dog (not unlike myself). We ran into Nicholas (he’s just a little younger than me and a two-legged) and his Dad at the café. His Mom and Dad (Johnny and Whitney Girdner) are great folks. Whitney is the Donor Relations Coordinator at Second Chance and does a great job of taking care of all the people who help take care of Second Chance.

Today was super special because we went to a new place. And you know what new place means …. NEW FRIENDS!!! That’s right: at Warner’s Landscape I met some great new friends that I can’t wait to visit again.

I also got my first bath today. I am so NOT pressing the “like” button on bath time. They put me in this huge tub and sprayed water on me…..then they rubbed this funny smelling stuff all over me (I thought I smelled just fine by the way). The stuff (they kept calling it shampoo) fuzzed up and made bubbles on me. Oh, and in case you are wondering, it doesn’t taste very good. Then they thought it would it would be hysterical to make my hair do funny things with this fuzzy stuff on it and take pictures. *Love you too Moms … you might want to put your shoes away tonight…… just sayin* But once I was all rinsed off and dried with a fluffy towel, everyone I saw told me how handsome I was, so maybe it was worth it … (Can we keep that last part between us?)

So, that was my week – How was yours? Moms say I get to go “visit a dog sitter” for the first time next weekend. Anyone know what a dog sitter is and why I would want to visit them?


I’ve been busy…

August 16th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

Welcome to Second Chance Center for Animals

WOW – What an incredible couple of weeks this has been! One day last week, I got to help Momma Donna play receptionist all day. I was great at it. And all sorts of new people came in the front door of Second Chance just to see me!! Mom said they were there for other reasons, but I just know they heard I was the greeter that day and wanted to come by and say hi to ME! Here’s a picture of me working really hard.

Then, because I was such a big help (and a very good boy) the moms got me a very special treat. Have you ever had a Frosty Paws Peanut Butter Cup? They’re A-MAZ-ING!

Then on Wednesday night, I had Puppy Kindergarten. I am doing so good at school. I can sit, play, come when Mom calls, and I know my name!! Uncle Mark (he’s a certified dog trainer at Second Chance) told my Mom about this thing called a “Gentle Leader.” I guess the moms don’t like it much when I get really hopping and they can’t keep up. They say “I pull”…I say they are just slow. But this “Gentle Leader” thing fits over my nose and helps slow me down to their speed. I hate it!!! I can’t use my mouth when I have it on…. No kisses, I can’t pick up a tennis ball. Mom says I’m a “drama queen” whatever that means. She tries to get me to kiss her when I have that thing on – and all I’ll do is stick out my tongue and nose bump her. I guess it’s working though since we walk side by side now (let’s just not tell her though – ok?).

** Watson’s Momma Donna here – His Gentle Leader is the correct size and fits properly. He can too open his mouth – in fact, if he thinks you’re not looking he’ll carry the tennis ball, then drop it in dramatic fashion.**